Welcome to Transcon Trading Co., Inc.! Our mission is to help (1) U.S. manufactures open international markets via exporting and (2) International customers import and build brand awareness and distribution network for unique, innovative, technologically advanced U.S. made products.

Transcon is an export management company (EMC) that has been in business since 1979. We represent internationally a number of U.S. manufacturers from several different industries—Consumer Personal Care and Health Care Products (personal hygiene and hair care and skin care products, and nutritional supplements), Pet Food, Treats, and Pet Grooming, and other pet care products, Equine Health Care Products (including Performance Products for Racing Horses), Products for Poultry and Livestock, and Specialty Products (unique, innovative, patented products from different industries and categories) —and build distribution networks for them overseas. Transcon has developed market presence in about 100 countries worldwide. Essentially, we perform the functions of an export department for those U.S. manufacturers that do not have the expertise to establish their own in-house export department, or simply opt to supplement their export efforts by tapping into our already established distribution network overseas.

Many people have an incorrect assumption of exporting, associating it with the logistics only of an export transaction. However, there are a number of other tasks that must be mastered by exporters, which Transcon takes on for its clients. Those tasks include identifying the right importers/distributors in other countries, negotiating and signing distribution agreements, building relationships with the clients, marketing and advertising their products in foreign countries, managing foreign country regulatory requirements and product customization or adaptation, assisting in foreign country product registrations, providing consolidation and logistics services, preparing the entire export documentation package to aid customs clearance, assuming title of the goods and fiscal responsibility. Transcon pay the manufacturers as soon as the goods leave their warehouse, and at the same time extend favorable credit terms to qualified international buyers. Offering credit term facility to foreign buyers can significantly increase any company’s negotiating power, resulting in 40-60 percent increase in export sales. From the beginning dedicated customer service has been a primary focus for us as part of a one-stop-shop export services package that is equally attractive to US manufacturers and International Customers with its efficiency and new business generation. Our expansion results in direct job creation not only for Transcon and South Carolina, but also for many other states in the country as the manufacturers we represent are located all over the U.S.

Awards and recognitions

Transcon has been featured in publications like SC BIZ News, Columbia Regional Business Report, Columbia Business Monthly, Times Magazine, Pets International Magazine, The State newspaper, Columbia Metropolitan Magazine, The Port News and TradeRoots Magazine. Transcon is the Recipient of the President’s “E” Award, the Nation’s Highest Honor for Excellency in Exporting, the SCWTC Trader of the Year Award, the ThinkGlobal/Commercial News USA Exporter of the Year Award, and the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration’s Export Achievement Award.
“ I am truly humbled by the recognition” Sonya Kostadinova said of the recent Export Achievement Certificate, which recognizes Transcon’s success in exporting US made products, awarded by the U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade at the Trade Winds 2012 Conference in Singapore. Sonya is President and CEO of Transcon Trading Co., Inc., and Professor at the Moore School of Business, ranked consistently No 1 International Business Program in the USA by U.S. News and World Report.