Human Personal Care, Cosmetics and Health Care Products

Curly Long Hair.As a natural expansion of the company in the early 2000’s, Transcon now offers Personal Consumer Products in the cosmetics category (hair care – shampoos, conditioners, styling products, including organic hand herbal additions, face and hands skin creams), environmentally friendly house cleaning products category, oral hygiene, and skin care categories to its international customers who are active in the personal care products distribution systems in foreign markets. Unique cross over products in this category and in the health care nutritional supplement category (exhibiting full range of food additives) have taken up this division to new levels of brand building and world market penetration.

Utilizing Transcon’s expertise, U.S. manufacturers can outsource untapped revenue generating opportunities. For the international customers, Transcon provides unparallel access to high quality unique, innovative, top US brands. Transcon strives to appoint a distributor(s) in each country for each manufacturer. The selected distributor must commit to a growth strategy for the manufacturer’s product range in their particular market thus maximizing sales for the product line represented. Let us source your specific needs – promptly fulfilled and competitively priced!