Equine Performance and Health Care Products

Transcon Trading Co.’s core competency continues to be export sales management and international marketing of high quality U.S. made equine products (products for horses) since the 1980’s. Furthermore, Transcon is proud to be a leader in U.S. export sales of nutritional supplementsfor the equine athlete. Performance products for racing horses have long been a part of our expertise.

Transcon is the one-stop solution for all your equine health care and accessories needs. With nearly three decades of experience in the equine industry, Transcon has established solid relationships with some of the top manufacturers of equine products in America. Utilizing Transcon’s expertise, the U.S. manufacturers can outsource untapped revenue generating opportunities.

For the international customers, Transcon provides unparallel access to high quality US made products. Transcon strives to appoint a distributor(s) in each country for each manufacturer. The selected distributor must commit to a growth strategy for the manufacturer’s product range in their particular market thus maximizing sales for the product line represented.

We offer extensive range of top market leading brands in a number of equine product categories: horse feeds and treats, leather care products, grooming products, injectables, bandages and veterinary supply, equipment supplies and bedding, fly and insect repellants, poultices, bleeders/respiratory care products, electrolytes, joint support/flex products, immune system care, hoof care products, performance products (blood builders, multi-vitamins, pre-race products, energy builders, gastro care, muscle builders, calming products).


We also offer nutritional supplements and performance products specifically designed for camels. Let us source your specific needs – promptly fulfilled and competitively priced!